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How Does a Membership Work?

What Do We Do?

Our plans provide the coordination and payment for members to receive
home health care in the comfort of their own home by a friend, loved one
or a licensed Home Health Care Professional. Our Elite plans offer a wide
range of options to fit members’ needs and lifestyle. Our members may
choose from 1,000 to 10,000 hours of home health care coverage. With
options providing extended hours of care at the member’s home, our plans
provide the best chance to avoid a long-term nursing home confinement.

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Each Elite plan can be customized to fit our members’ lifestyles and
needs. Our members receive unmatched professional care by licensed home health care professionals for pennies on the dollar. Although the average cost for home health care is $35 to $45 an hour, our Elite members pay as little as $1.00 an hour for the same coverage, with the same agency!

Simple to use

When care is needed, our members can simply call the customer
care hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to access our care coordinator concierge service. Our coordinators ease the stress and worries by taking the burden off our members’ shoulders and making all of the arrangements for care in the comfort
of the member's home with properly vetted licensed home health care professionals.


Does Medicare pay for home health care?

Unfortunately, Medicare provides a limited number of hours and days of home
health care. To qualify, care must be prescribed through your primary doctor. Medicare
provides skilled care ONLY and must be medically necessary! Skilled care does not
provide what we need when it comes to daily living activities, such as meal preparation,
grocery shopping, assistance with hygiene, dressing, grooming, 24-hour care, transferring
from room to room or travel to the doctor’s office.

How Our Member Plans Work

1.  Select the number of hours you feel best fits your needs (member plan).
2.  The hours will be held in your membership account until you need them.
3.  To access your benefits, simply call the Customer Care Hotline. Concierge services will make the arrangements for you!

Compare Our Plans

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