Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What financial reserves or guarantees to you have in place?

For the past 8 years, our company has set aside reserves within an escrow account solely designated for claims with a well-established law firm based out of St. Petersburg, FL. We continue to make deposits to this account on an ongoing basis. Currently, we withhold twice as much that is required based on historical claim rates.

If you do have reinsurance, what organization is it?

We do not have reinsurance. We felt that a surety bond provided a faster and more effective method of financial strength.

What complaints have you had to date?

We have not had a single complaint which can be verified from the BBB.

Who determines what claims are legitimate?

The underwriting process is much looser than an insurance company, however there is still a process. American Home Care Management team will verify the legitimacy of the claim and once verified our customer care providers make all the arrangements for care and payment.

Have you had any unpaid claims disputes or unsettled claims?


How are claims made and how are they handled?

Claims are paid as required by the terms of the Home Health Care Agency providing the care.

Presently does American Home Care Services have any pending legal issues such as pending lawsuits?


Are all supplies such as contracts, etc. easily obtained off the Internet?


If I were to present your services at a seminar, could I expect any help from your company? If so, in what way?

We can provide you with a power point presentation as well as testimonials from existing members. Additionally, we can come in via video conference at the seminar if desired.

If I were to place representatives with your company, how would I be compensated?

As a marketing organization you would receive a spread (override) as you currently do within the insurance / financial industry.

How could I determine what has been written by any representative that I place with your company? Each representative has to be approved.

Once approved he/she is assigned a writing number. That number is also assigned a hierarchy number (marketing organization). Accounting will have the two numbers linked together as IMO / Field Rep. the override is directly paid to the IMO and Street commission is paid directly to the Rep.